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Jewelry Alex was founded in Pasco, WA by professional jewelers who wanted to create a unique experience for customers. What makes our business so effective is our ability to personalize our services for each individual customer. We take the time to make sure that each customer enjoys their experience and leaves with either a new piece of jewelry or a repaired favorite that will last for years to come.

We understand that jewelry is a way to commemorate special events and people in our lives. This is why we take the utmost care in repairing broken, damaged, or tarnished jewelry and why we will spend as long as it takes to customize jewelry that is perfect for your special occasion!

All of our jewelers are professional, efficient, and helpful. We have 13 years of experience in the jewelry industry, so we all understand how to make customers happy. We do this not only by realizing the value of the jewelry emotionally but also by understanding that well-priced jewelry is hard to come by. We price our jewelry and services competitively. Our customers come back time and time again for our quality and prices!

Come in today to take a look at our wide arrange of jewelry. We will tell you about our deals and how we can make your old jewelry shine like new!

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